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Marcia Barrett is one of the original singers with the legendary pop group, Boney M. On 8th March 2008, Barrett performed with her band at the palace grounds in India as “Boney M. featuring Marcia Barrett”. While her third solo album “Strange Rumours” had been announced to follow, she was hit by another bout of cancer. Read an exclusive interview for “BOMOND Magazine” with a great artist and a great woman.

Marcia, thank you for giving us the opportunity for a meeting with you! I never thought that I’d be given the opportunity to interview a living legend. Tell me, please, what do you think is the secret of success? How is it possible to maintain control a long career?

I would say that the secret of success combines hard work, having a passion for what you are doing. Never give up no matter how hard things seems to be at times. Having a good team with you is also essential and to stay focused.

We know about many “reincarnations” of the group. Tell me, how does it affect relations in the team?

Owing to the fact that the “Original” team was disbanded in 1990 and had very little contact as we went our separate ways life went on. For me, on the occasions that we met briefly again over the years, it felt as if the group was still active together.

What can you say about the relationship with the creator and producer of the group throughout history?

Here again I can only speak about my relationship with the producer throughout the years we worked together and had no problems.

Liz Barrett and you. What is your relationship? Was there a lot of competition?

First of all I have never competed with anybody during my entire life. I`m a very confident, honest and peaceful person with a professional outlook. Liz is Liz and a talented artist. I`m very happy and grateful that God has blessed me.

Tell us the happiest moment in the Boney M’s history with your participation, and about the most “difficult” moment.

The happiest moments during “Boney M” days was when we were touring globally, even though it also had it`s difficult moments too.

In your opinion, what has changed in the needs of the audience during the existence of the group?

I don`t think the needs of audiences has changed at all. They all want to hear the songs and enjoy whilst seeing the artistes again after many years.

What new groups differ significantly from the original group Boney M?

Quite a few new groups indeed differ from “Boney M”. For example as to the songs, the clean image, touching all- round presentation.

You have achieved a lot. Tell me, have you an ambition that you personally would like to conquer?

Yes indeed, I would love to conquer my set goals with my “Solo Career” in every aspect of the field.

Marcia, if it is a not secret, please tell us, how have you overcome so many diseases?

Faith in God. Faith in the doctors and the nurses that took care of me. Faith in Marcus. The power of a powerful love. Love of life and living and having positive people around me.

What was your relationship with the music during your long-term treatment?

During my long term treatment, I was busy and active composing our songs with Marcus as well as doing a lot of sports when possible.

How often do you visit Spain? Please share your opinion about this country, audiences, and music.

Unfortunately, I don`t get to visit Spain often but I love the country and its people. The music and dance as well as the spirit are so exotically enjoyable, not to forget the delicious food. VIVA ESPAÑA!

What are your plans for the New Year?

Do what I do best: continuing to be creative and perform globally with God`s guidance.

According to tradition, you can add anything from you, or wish something to our readers.

I`d like to thank the readers for their support and look forward to my next Spanish trip in 2014 – Until then!

Interviewed by Aliona ZEMSKOVA

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