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Our world is a vast web of people and contacts. Every individual has a unique personality with their own particular character traits and habits. How do you communicate with a person when you see them for the first time? We will talk about the universal verbal and non-verbal communication that can be used when applying for a job or that exciting on a first date.

30 Seconds

Amazingly, our first impression about a person develop in the only the first 30 seconds!
How can you make a good impression in just this short time?
The eyes: – we all know that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Before any verbal greeting you should welcome the person with your eyes. Your look should be open-hearted and express interest.
The smile: – it’s not even a smile but half-smile with closed lips. That is invitation to talk. You should smile with a full smile only after you look the person in the eyes.

Sun is shining, grass is growing!

One should remember that splendid impressions are made by people of an optimistic and inspiring nature. In order to make a great impression one has to evoke positive emotions in person you’re talking to.

Hello, mate!

According to the rules of etiquette you should greet a person with words like: “How do you do?”, “Good Morning”, “Good day”, “Good Evening”. These are the most acceptable and frequently used forms of greeting. “Hello” which is used a lot should really only be used as an opening greeting to people you’re familiar with.

It’s essential to have warm and friendly tone in greeting. A rude or dull tone can offend the person you’re greeting. During your greeting don’t keep your hands in your pockets. It’s best not to smoke during the first 5 minutes and never talk with a cigarette in your mouth. That is disrespectful.

Conversation: – what is next?

Be a good listener. During conversation keep up your partner’s story by using phrases like “That’s interesting!”, and “and what happened next?”. From time ask him to expand on his thought to accent your interest in conversation. Do not interrupt him or her and give them plenty of opportunity to talk. At all times keep eye contact and express your approval.


From time to time mirror the posture and gestures of your companion. Speak with the same volume, show empathy if he’s sad, and laugh if he laughs. You hope to make a connection and maybe even make your new friend feel he’s found a soul mate.

“Keep their name in your pocket…”

The name of your new acquaintance: – use it as much as possible. There is nothing more delightful to most people’s ear than sound of their own name. When you meet a person memorize their name straight away. If you don’t it can be difficult to bluff your way out and make you blush! Besides, it will be tricky to make phone contact unless you know their name.

As Shakespeare said…

People think of us on the basis of our upbringing, education, perceived intellect and the way we speak- which words we use and how we construct sentences. It’s a great approach to draw their attention to your knowledge and skills – use quote from some famous person in conversation. Intellect is universally valued.

Judging by appearance

How you dress is what tells the world about your taste, social status, and life values. It’s a demonstration of how we value ourselves. It doesn’t really matter if you talk to a friend or a stranger. Don’t judge a book by its cover they say but one should “look after the cover” anyway. For example, girl that you meet for the first time will judge you by your appearance initially. It’s only some time later when she notices other elements: gait, communication, voice, smile, facial gesture and so on. However, that will be after she judged your look using her own criteria. Approaching someone one should be confident that he or she looks good. Untidiness and negligence in dress is absolutely unacceptable. Good appearance is determined by different criteria in every society – it’s difficult to choose something universally acceptable. It is also important that your clothing is appropriate for the climate and the time of the day.

Good dress, tidy hair, groomed hands, acting according to etiquette, confidence and appropriateness of speech – all these small things form our image and our new acquaintance will notice and remember.