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At the present time, putting money into real estate in Spain is not only a good investment, but it is also the opportunity to live on the coast all year round. At this time Spanish real estate is especially in high demand among Russians and citizens of the former Soviet Union, and they really want to buy. This country seems to be a great place to live and has an exciting bargain in real estate market for those moving here. But people often do not know what is going on behind the scenes of the housing arena. What can our company offer to help you avoid legal complexities, we can help you steer clear of the abundance of scams and see your transaction through to a satisfactory competition. Andrius Gzegozevskis, CEO of “BOMOND Invest” shares his insight.

There can be many pitfalls

Real estate is seen as the marker of prosperity here in Spain more than anywhere else. People acquire housing, and there is a reasonable hope for a brighter future. As Spain attracts investors again and banking policy provides, giving the majority of people the opportunity to acquire their own homes, and the crisis, experts say, is gradually reducing. All this encourages ordinary people to stop living their lives focussed on “maybe” and “if”. One of the main indicators of economic recovery is the housing market. It was the real estate market, which “collapsed” under the pressure of the crisis. As soon as the housing market begins to “come alive” the crisis recedes. However, the measurement is centred on the strength of any “movements”, whether the process is actually destruction or creation. When buying and selling property you should focus on the company’s representatives, ensuring they are well-qualified and are competent in their field. Always remember when buying a property that the object itself is no less important than the subtleties associated with its acquisition. Externally a “noble” house can turn into a rickety shed in a couple of years, if not professionally built, and I’m not exaggerating. Many years of experience in real estate allows me to speak frankly about the huge number of scams: amateurs and professionals. Let’s now move on to describe the specific benefits of “BOMOND Invest”.

All in good taste

In fact, the devil is not so scary… It is just important to listen to more than one “expert” for advice. What we specifically can we offer you as the ideal real estate company at “BOMOND Invest”:- In addition to a wide range of affordable property for the buyer, we offer professional representation directly to the owners of real estate. We will certainly help you at all stages of the transaction: free legal advice, addressing issues related to the work of lawyers and appraisers. If desired, our experts will offer items from developers with the most attractive settings and with impressive discounts. Experience, professionalism and knowledge, and respect in the industry allow us to represent our clients and take into account their individual wishes… In the case of the acquisition of property for subsequent lease, real estate agent is required legally to tell you about important nuances about the property, but few do. Every seemingly small thing is important: infrastructure, nationality of neighbours, the estimated time of year to rent, pricing and more. The realtor initially has a fundamental role, and he has a big responsibility. It is important to inculcate good taste for serious businesses, and we hope that together, working closely with our customers, we will continue to build the right “paradigm” to address key issues.

Housing can do better sold my a single agent

It is important to consider several fundamental points. When the property is sold by several companies it can be a big mistake. Roughly speaking, the property becomes a “prostitute” and you, as a host, can lose. The structure of our company is built in such a way that the owner will win anyway. We are working with the property at all stages, not forgetting about it, just leaving it on the back burner. Indicators of our success, our professionalism and experience are the fact that we are not looking for customers – clients are looking for us. We help to sell a property, prepare it, remove, help with presentation and add any necessary details. Legal services to our customers are for free. We greatly differ from other companies that we raise the marketability of housing. We have a contract with foreign companies; we operate through social networks, and publish a report in the journal about your own exclusive property. The BOMOND magazine is published in two versions: Russian and English. We distribute throughout the Costa Blanca and beyond. Thanks to our official website and web pages, the residents of the Scandinavian countries, the UK, Germany and Russia are able to read us and find out about our services too. We carefully monitor the demographics and analytics of web pages and the official website of the company. We try to be represented all the exhibitions.

When you are working with real estate, it is important to penetrate deeper into the essence of the process to sell well and not to be out of pocket, and only professionals can do this.


1. As soon as the housing market begins to “come alive” – the crisis recedes.

2. In fact, the devil is not so scary… It is just important to listen to more than one “expert” for advice. What specifically can we offer you a real estate company “BOMOND Invest”?