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Interview with Tourism Advisor, Luis María Pizana: Reasons why everyone should live in Torrevieja

Interview with Tourism Advisor, Luis María Pizana: Reasons why everyone should live in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a town that hosts an influx of curious visitors all year round. There is also a magnificent autumn season for tourists to enjoy. It is a centre of the tourism industry, focused on coastal recreation. There are many features that make Torrevieja special. Culture, Sport, Gastronomy and Tourism Advisor, vice-president of the Common Council of Habaneras Luis Maria Pisana kindly agreed to tell readers of “BOMOND Magazine” about tourism and sport of Torrevieja, about the “hidden” sightseeing attractions of the city.

Mr. Pisana, thank you for giving us the opportunity for a meeting with you! What can you say about the current state in the tourism industry and the numbers of tourists?

The influx of tourists from Northern Europe significantly increased in recent months. This is, I feel, is due to improvements in the fields of tourism, sport, gastronomy and culture. We hope that everything is going to get better and better. The off-peak tourist season in Torrevieja takes place several times throughout the year. Looking father ahead, we can feel hopeful for expectations about the development of the city.

How do you implement a program of development of physical culture, sport and tourism in the municipality? Do you promote a healthy lifestyle?

The main objective is to strengthen the attractiveness of the city throughout the year. For this reason, we generate employment in all industries; paying great attention to the issue of economic activity. We have a great team. It is worthwhile expending some effort to offer really good things, good quality things, for visitors and residents of Torrevieja.

What сan you say about the material and technical resources of physical culture and sport? Including those for persons with disabilities.

According to President of FESA, it works pretty well. We have much experience in organizing events and competitions in various disciplines for people with disabilities. I have to mention the Palace of Sports “Infanta Cristina”. This venue is for benefit and enjoyment of all, with a heated pool. All our sports camps are for athletes of all levels and for people, who want to be more active and have a healthier lifestyle.

How do you bring Torrevieja to the Forefront? Do you organize any special events?

In addition to the wonderful climate which we enjoy all year round, and a wide range of services, it is necessary to note a range of sporting and cultural activities. There is the opportunity to enjoy our exceptional cuisine, visit a chain of stores that provide an individual approach to each client, and to feel in touch with nature in places that have great ecological value. Also you will feel a great love of our citizens. By the way, every year we create new entertainment and educational programs. For example, Torrevieja Nautical Experience, which brought residents and visitors to the world of sailing.

Entrevista con Luis María Pizana Concejal de Turismo, Cultura, Deporte y Hostelería de Torrevieja

What are the features of the city? What or which places tourists should visit? Why this municipality is so attractive for British tourists?

Torrevieja has a very special places and secrets, unknown to most. In the same way as our natural parks: Parque Natural de las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja, Paraje Natural Municipal, Parque Del Molino del Agua. And, of course, our beaches have various awards, such as the Blue Flag or the letter Q for Quality Tourism. Sports enthusiasts should visit our sports town. We have many cultural centres. One of the most interesting museums is the museum–submarine “S-61 Delfin”. Take a walk through our quays. In general, Torrevieja is a city where everyone can find something new and individual.

Which categories of tourists do you want to attract primarily?

The cultural tourist is a dream for any manager. We want to attract a large volume of tourists from Northern Europe. We are focused mostly on Scandinavia, Great Britain and Russia and France.

Are there any sports or other events in the near future? We mean activities which can attract more tourists?

Our “sport world” has endless amounts of offers with opportunities to improve fitness and health. We have two hospitals with highly skilled personnel, public and private. They are equipped with the latest technology. As for attracting more visitors we can note the increasing attendance of various trade fairs, promotion in social networks, advertising tours. Many tourists decide to come and live in Torrevieja, even if they have only visited us once.