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Maestro of martial arts Domingo Gómez Carrillo: “It has been a great experience for me”

Martial arts have many faces and facets. Kickboxing and Taekwondo are not only sports, but they are also a contain philosophy. The martial arts in Spain are part of national traditions and experience. Martial arts and their doctrines can help of the formation of the personality. The strengthening of the spirit and the body is becoming more and more understood and sought after in contemporary society. Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do trainer Domingo Gomez Carrillo talks about the martial arts, psychology, champions, coaching and the impact of sports for a living in an interview with “BOMOND Magazine”.

– Mr. Gomez Carrillo, you can be called a multi-trainer. Are you so successful because of your experience or education? How did you become a multi-trainer?

– As a child, I started taekwondo, and then I began to practice full-contact. Later my dream has turned into reality: I’m the champion of Europe and Spain. As you can understand from the meaning of the name, this sport involves a full contact, which uses technology of knuckle boxing and taekwondo technique feet. At the moment I’m a teacher of taekwondo, full-contact, kickboxing and K-1 in the gym Atenea in Almoradi As for me, all my life includes these sports, in addition to what I have got a degree in national and international training, backed by over 28 years of experience of coaching.


– How do you motivate your students?

– The best motivation is daily exercise, the desire to develop. In other words, we are all working on the same idea: to achieve success. This is a direct result of hard work, dedicated time and the allocation of resources. All of this happens when the sport is a priority for you.

– Psychologically all your students have different perceptions of loss. How do respond your students to defeat? What will you choose: to win at all costs or lose with honour?

– I try to impress upon them that winning and losing are part of their sports track. They have to leave the ring with a sense of satisfaction. From my own experience I know that sometimes you can go home, being extremely unhappy with yourself, even if you are a winner. So first of all it is important to do your job well. Popularity, discipline and experience will come as a consequence.

– What are the characteristics of your method of working with future champions? Do you focus on the education of the athlete or you prefer to think that your student is an ordinary person, who should broaden their horizons? Perhaps, there is a compromise.

– All the students are ordinary people when they come to the Sports hall for the first time. The differences between them lie only in how they develop their skills of self-confidence, effort, self-discipline and how can they overcome personal difficulties: that is what separates champions from recreational participants

– Have you noticed any changes in the popularity of this sport during your life?

– Today sport has a great importance in modern society. Each year more and more people are practicing in alternative sports, and this is all to the good. Workouts are becoming a part of the life style of successful and active people.


– The traditional question for the coach: have you worked with celebrities?

– I started my career in the world of full-contact, with Mariano Morante (world champion.-Ed.). Later I trained with Vincent Eguzkiza, another great Spanish world champion. I participated in international courses with Bill Wallace, Benny Urkidez and etc. I would like to note that recently I had the great fortune to train with probably the best wrestler in contact sports in this country Abraham Demon Rokeni.

– We know that you have trained a serious Russian champion, Yaroslav for a long period of time. Tell me, please, some more details. Is there a difference between Russian and Spanish athletes and people of other nationalities?

– To tell you the truth, it was a great experience, because he’s an incredibly disciplined guy with the ability to self-sacrifice. He is worthy of admiration, he has all the necessary qualities of an athlete and a person that make him a great champion of the world. Of course, there is a very different mentality, Spanish and Russian, but ultimately it is important to be ready to sacrifice, to give everything you need to achieve the goal.

– Are there any activities of the international class in the near future, high-profile sporting events with the participation of your students?

– Yes, we go to Austria to participate in the European Championships of the International Kickboxing Federation in October. Two my students (Yaroslav and Igor) plan to take a part in two world competitions, the dates are not yet known.

– Finally, you can add anything you wish. For example, it is interesting to know, if there is a rule in boxing, in the philosophy of the sport, which not only applies to real life, but also can significantly improve the quality of life?

– Of course, the philosophy of the sport directly affects on our daily lives. Self-esteem, self-confidence, as well as a long list of values which shape the character of the person and impact on their life. By the way, I would like to thank the sponsors who help our participations to take a part in international competitions. Thank you very much for your interest in me and in the sport that we practice.