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“What in fact could men talk about, except cars?” This well remembered phrase from French writer Michel Houellebecq could well be true. A labouring man and a king: both of them equally admire auto innovation. The role of the car in the modern world has acquired significant new features and fascinations. Blistering changes abounding in technology have inspired a lot of creators. There are now cars with elements of retro and sport, classic and hybrid: a rich automotive world is right in front of you.

Kings of the Road

The cult of the car is so deep inside of us, that the characters promoted by the arts and the media, are getting more and more fans. British agent James Bond – the standard of style, recognized as a smoothie and a gentleman, always chooses the best – whisky, watches, enemies, women, and of course, cars. Elegant Bond-Mobil Aston Martin DB5 is perfectly expresses the charisma of an ideal agent. Machine for a man – not just a luxury item or a means of transportation, it is a continuation of himself. Arab Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, for example, cannot be called as a modest man. Some people consider him bloody minded; some admire his passion for the enormous size. He owns the world’s largest Dodge Power Wagon with 4 cabins inside, weighing in at 50 tons. There are four bedrooms in his cabin. The King of Spain Juan Carlos 1 is famous for his love of cars. One of his favourite retro automobiles – vintage Mercedes-Benz G4 1939, was given by Hitler to General Franco in the past. The best selling Latin artist Enrique Iglesias prefers the classic at its best – Porsche. One of the best football players in the world, “Sport Pride” of Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo, bought a luxury Bugatti Veyron after the promotional video for Nike. Spanish football player has around 10 supercars in his garage. “Star” women of Spain move not only in limousines with chauffeur, but also look quite harmonious in “women’s” small cars like the Fiat 500. Pe, as the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is affectionately known, chooses for herself and her family only SUVs.

Auto world of Spain

The history of the Spanish car industry spans more than one hundred years. First Spanish “super class car” Elizalde Tipo 11 was an automobile, apparently prohibitively looked as a gilded chariotee from the Rococo era. The modern Spanish market is focused more on comfort and accessibility, than on the conquest by features and form. The leader of Spain’s car industry is the national brand “SEAT”. Now a subsidiary of «Volkswagen AG» the rightful owner of the automotive brand since 1990. The investments of VW helped the internationally acclaimed Spanish brand to develop new models and optional accessories. Despite the decrease of private demand for powerful and expensive cars, Spain never ceases to amaze the world by their experimental approach and sense of beauty. The Geneva Motor Show demonstrated to the world the invention of Josep Ruban – automobile Tramontana. Model supercar called Tramontana R Edition is a symbiosis of shock-fighter aircraft and of a “GT Class Car”. The creativity of this invention captivates even sophisticated buyers. This is reminding us that not only “beaten” brands like Ferrari can be an element of luxury. Be that as it may, automobile manufacturing is one of the most powerful industries in Spain. Today, the Spanish automotive industry is developing in two directions: the sport´s direction and “everyday” direction. It is offers a wide variety of models. And a special time of Spanish auto innovation seems not far away: when Spain will be one of the top leaders in car sales in Europe.

1. The museum of cars from movies opened in Toledo, Spain. There are more than 100 vehicles collected in the museum. The collection includes machines that were used in the movies by famous Spanish filmmakers. For example, the red Ford Granada, which Penelope Cruz drove in the film “Volver”/ “Go Back!” for which she was Oscar-nominated.

“Auto” event poster

December 4-8. Auto show in Valencia – Exhibition Feria del Automovil de Valencia 2013 will be held in the exhibition centre Feria Valencia. Cars, SUVs, tuning, accessories and more.

December 4-8. Exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles in Barcelona – Auto Retro 2013 exhibition will be held in the exhibition centre Fira de Barcelona Montjuic (Barcelona, Spain). – Cars, vintage automotive engineering, supercars and more.