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The popularity of golf homes is boosting property sales in Spain as overseas visitors flock to the country to hit the courses. According to IAGTO’s 2013 Golf Tourism Report, global golf holiday sales saw a dramatic increase of 9.3 per cent year-on-year, meaning that investors are more likely to put their money into this type of development.

According to the National Golf Federation, around 56 million people worldwide take part in the sport. Furthermore, Spain remains the most popular destination in Europe for the pastime, KPMG Golf Insights 2013 underlined. While many play golf as a secondary activity on holiday, plenty travel solely for the purpose of indulging in the sport in the sun.

Indeed, it is believed that up to ten per cent of the 56 million people who play golf go abroad each year with the main purpose of their trip being to enjoy the game. This explains why sales of accommodation close to courses is increasing every year.

Marc Pritchard, sales and marketing director for Spanish house builder Taylor Wimpey Espana, commented: “Spain is one of the biggest golf destinations in the world; it’s certainly the most popular European golf location and anyone thinking of buying a golf property in Spain would definitely be making a wise move.

“Spain is poised to attract a large percentage of these golf travellers in the years to come and despite recent turbulent times for the Spanish economy, the demand for golf properties is evidently strong.”

The company reported a sales increase of 74 per cent in Mallorca last year – an island famed for its excellent golf courses. Indeed, it boasts 24 of Europe’s most luxurious courses, and the warm climate makes it an ideal location for those aiming to play a lot while there.