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Marcia Barrett is one of the original singers with the legendary pop group, Boney M. On 8th March 2008, Barrett performed with her band at the palace grounds in India as “Boney M. featuring Marcia Barrett”. While her third solo album “Strange Rumours” had been announced to follow, she was hit by another bout of cancer. Read an exclusive interview for “BOMOND Magazine” with a great artist and a great woman.

Marcia, thank you for giving us the opportunity for a meeting with you! I never thought that I’d be given the opportunity to interview a living legend. Tell me, please, what do you think is the secret of success? How is it possible to maintain control a long career?

I would say that the secret of success combines hard work, having a passion for what you are doing. Never give up no matter how hard things seems to be at times. Having a good team with you is also essential and to stay focused.

We know about many “reincarnations” of the group. Tell me, how does it affect relations in the team?

Owing to the fact that the “Original” team was disbanded in 1990 and had very little contact as we went our separate ways life went on. For me, on the occasions that we met briefly again over the years, it felt as if the group was still active together.

What can you say about the relationship with the creator and producer of the group throughout history?

Here again I can only speak about my relationship with the producer throughout the years we worked together and had no problems.

Liz Barrett and you. What is your relationship? Was there a lot of competition?

First of all I have never competed with anybody during my entire life. I`m a very confident, honest and peaceful person with a professional outlook. Liz is Liz and a talented artist. I`m very happy and grateful that God has blessed me.

Tell us the happiest moment in the Boney M’s history with your participation, and about the most “difficult” moment.

The happiest moments during “Boney M” days was when we were touring globally, even though it also had it`s difficult moments too.

In your opinion, what has changed in the needs of the audience during the existence of the group?

I don`t think the needs of audiences has changed at all. They all want to hear the songs and enjoy whilst seeing the artistes again after many years.

What new groups differ significantly from the original group Boney M?

Quite a few new groups indeed differ from “Boney M”. For example as to the songs, the clean image, touching all- round presentation.

You have achieved a lot. Tell me, have you an ambition that you personally would like to conquer?

Yes indeed, I would love to conquer my set goals with my “Solo Career” in every aspect of the field.

Marcia, if it is a not secret, please tell us, how have you overcome so many diseases?

Faith in God. Faith in the doctors and the nurses that took care of me. Faith in Marcus. The power of a powerful love. Love of life and living and having positive people around me.

What was your relationship with the music during your long-term treatment?

During my long term treatment, I was busy and active composing our songs with Marcus as well as doing a lot of sports when possible.

How often do you visit Spain? Please share your opinion about this country, audiences, and music.

Unfortunately, I don`t get to visit Spain often but I love the country and its people. The music and dance as well as the spirit are so exotically enjoyable, not to forget the delicious food. VIVA ESPAÑA!

What are your plans for the New Year?

Do what I do best: continuing to be creative and perform globally with God`s guidance.

According to tradition, you can add anything from you, or wish something to our readers.

I`d like to thank the readers for their support and look forward to my next Spanish trip in 2014 – Until then!

Interviewed by Aliona ZEMSKOVA

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At the present time, putting money into real estate in Spain is not only a good investment, but it is also the opportunity to live on the coast all year round. At this time Spanish real estate is especially in high demand among Russians and citizens of the former Soviet Union, and they really want to buy. This country seems to be a great place to live and has an exciting bargain in real estate market for those moving here. But people often do not know what is going on behind the scenes of the housing arena. What can our company offer to help you avoid legal complexities, we can help you steer clear of the abundance of scams and see your transaction through to a satisfactory competition. Andrius Gzegozevskis, CEO of “BOMOND Invest” shares his insight.

There can be many pitfalls

Real estate is seen as the marker of prosperity here in Spain more than anywhere else. People acquire housing, and there is a reasonable hope for a brighter future. As Spain attracts investors again and banking policy provides, giving the majority of people the opportunity to acquire their own homes, and the crisis, experts say, is gradually reducing. All this encourages ordinary people to stop living their lives focussed on “maybe” and “if”. One of the main indicators of economic recovery is the housing market. It was the real estate market, which “collapsed” under the pressure of the crisis. As soon as the housing market begins to “come alive” the crisis recedes. However, the measurement is centred on the strength of any “movements”, whether the process is actually destruction or creation. When buying and selling property you should focus on the company’s representatives, ensuring they are well-qualified and are competent in their field. Always remember when buying a property that the object itself is no less important than the subtleties associated with its acquisition. Externally a “noble” house can turn into a rickety shed in a couple of years, if not professionally built, and I’m not exaggerating. Many years of experience in real estate allows me to speak frankly about the huge number of scams: amateurs and professionals. Let’s now move on to describe the specific benefits of “BOMOND Invest”.

All in good taste

In fact, the devil is not so scary… It is just important to listen to more than one “expert” for advice. What we specifically can we offer you as the ideal real estate company at “BOMOND Invest”:- In addition to a wide range of affordable property for the buyer, we offer professional representation directly to the owners of real estate. We will certainly help you at all stages of the transaction: free legal advice, addressing issues related to the work of lawyers and appraisers. If desired, our experts will offer items from developers with the most attractive settings and with impressive discounts. Experience, professionalism and knowledge, and respect in the industry allow us to represent our clients and take into account their individual wishes… In the case of the acquisition of property for subsequent lease, real estate agent is required legally to tell you about important nuances about the property, but few do. Every seemingly small thing is important: infrastructure, nationality of neighbours, the estimated time of year to rent, pricing and more. The realtor initially has a fundamental role, and he has a big responsibility. It is important to inculcate good taste for serious businesses, and we hope that together, working closely with our customers, we will continue to build the right “paradigm” to address key issues.

Housing can do better sold my a single agent

It is important to consider several fundamental points. When the property is sold by several companies it can be a big mistake. Roughly speaking, the property becomes a “prostitute” and you, as a host, can lose. The structure of our company is built in such a way that the owner will win anyway. We are working with the property at all stages, not forgetting about it, just leaving it on the back burner. Indicators of our success, our professionalism and experience are the fact that we are not looking for customers – clients are looking for us. We help to sell a property, prepare it, remove, help with presentation and add any necessary details. Legal services to our customers are for free. We greatly differ from other companies that we raise the marketability of housing. We have a contract with foreign companies; we operate through social networks, and publish a report in the journal about your own exclusive property. The BOMOND magazine is published in two versions: Russian and English. We distribute throughout the Costa Blanca and beyond. Thanks to our official website and web pages, the residents of the Scandinavian countries, the UK, Germany and Russia are able to read us and find out about our services too. We carefully monitor the demographics and analytics of web pages and the official website of the company. We try to be represented all the exhibitions.

When you are working with real estate, it is important to penetrate deeper into the essence of the process to sell well and not to be out of pocket, and only professionals can do this.


1. As soon as the housing market begins to “come alive” – the crisis recedes.

2. In fact, the devil is not so scary… It is just important to listen to more than one “expert” for advice. What specifically can we offer you a real estate company “BOMOND Invest”?

JUAN BOSCAN ALMOGAVER. The eternal themes of Renaissance

Spain has produced a lot of “kings of poets”, and one of the most famous is Juan Boscan Almogaver. The first line of one of his most famous poems typifies all his works: “I am still alive, though already I could not stand to live”. His poems were published after his death. This fact is one of the reasons why the tragedy of existence goes through all the poems of the poet. Why do we know so little about “the hero” of Spanish literature?

Nobleman, soldier and reformer

Juan Boscan Almogaver was born at the end of the XV century in Barcelona. Noble origin does not guarantee a happy childhood: as a boy he lost his father before he was five years of age. After receiving a quality education and awards, respected by society, Juan served at the court of the Catholic kings, and later at the court of Emperor Carlos I. A few years later he was assigned to mentor the Duke of Alba. He was working as a tutor until his death. In the court, Juan established friendly relations with Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, conductor of Italian influence in the XVI century. Later their messages to each other later became outstanding poetic monuments.Boscan came from an old noble family and was not spared his military service: he fought the Turks on the island of Rhodes, and after a couple of years was transferred to in Vienna. During this period, Juan established friendly relations with the Spanish ambassador to Italy, Garcilaso de la Vega, whose work ensured the victory of the new “Italian school”. Despite the “affairs of state”, Juan Boscan has made a major contribution to the poetry of Spanish Renaissance – also, he is one of the founders of the “Italian school”.

Spanish lyrics: the reform

Since the beginning of his “literary life”, the inspirational poet for Boscan was a Catalan man, Auziasa Mark. Juan and his friends Diego Hurtado de Mendoza and Garcilaso de la Vega saw themselves as disciples of Mark. Auziasa Mark was able to break away from the rhetorical tradition of Provencal troubadours by making intimate lyrical poems about love, faith and death. When Boskan served at the imperial court, he appealed to the Italian lyric tradition and Petrarch. “Italian school” won in Spanish poetry thanks to him and his famous teammates. He enriched the poetry of his country be decasyllabic, hendecasyllabic verse, developed forms of the sonnet, terza rima, etc. The manifesto of “Italian school”, published as the Epistle to the Duchess de Soma, became the symbol of the Spanish Renaissance. Boscan also developed the theme of poetic development of the ancient stories in the poem “Hero and Leander”. Cristobal de Castillejo was an “adversary” of cosmopolitanism of Boscan, who stick to the traditionalist school and popular forms of song lyrics. Juan Boscan also translated a book of dialogues of Baldassare Castiglione “The Book of the Courtier”, prepared volume of the works of Garcilaso.De la Vega’s and Boscan’s poems were published after his death by his widow Ana Girón de Rebolledo around 1543.


INSET: Noble origin does not guarantee a happy childhood: as a boy he lost his father before he was five years of age.


But made an unforgivable mistake

As always, football passions are running high in Spain. The highest football league in Spain is now mid-season. “Elche”, Spanish football club from the same-name city, founded in 1923. The club was at the peak of success in the 1960’s-70’s, when it was a regular participant in the Spanish premier league. It became the champion in “Segundo” in 2013. In this season “Real Madrid” beat Elche by a score of 2:1. The victory of “Real” has caused a lot of controversy, and the majority insist that the victory was tortured and ambiguous. Coach Francisco Escriba and team captain David Henerelo kindly agreed to comment on the match with the “Real” and tell readers “BOMOND Magazine” about their plans for the near future.

Nice to meet you, David and Francisco! Tell me, please, how you joined “Elche” FC?

David: We just went to the Premier League in the team of the “Real Zaragosa “, the coach told me that this season will be much worse than the last. He also advised me to leave the team for my development. I was feeling my life was very pleasant with “Zaragosa” and decided to leave it only when I got an offer from such a strong and interesting team like FC “Elche”.

Francisco: During the 7 years I was the second coach of Quique Sanchez Flores in the most famous teams like “Getafe”, “Valencia”, “Benfica” and “Atlético de Madrid”. After that I decided to start a solo career as a coach, and “Elche” gave me the opportunity to turn this into reality. In the first year we were able to achieve the highest category in Spanish league football championship, and this year we are competing with the best teams.

Are you satisfied with your matches this season in the Premiership League? Maybe there is a problem in some component of the game? In your opinion, prevented the victory of “Elche” in the match with “Real Madrid”?

David: I give a high rating to the work of the team, and sometimes it seems to me that we receive fewer points than we really deserve. We trained hard for this away match, and we feel optimistic about the future.

Francisco: It’s football. We behaved very decently with such a significant team as “Real Madrid”. We played with all our strength and did everything we could. We “minimized” “Madrid” in all respects, and there was an impression, that they almost posed no hazard to us. We made an unforgivable mistake during a penalty, so now we are currently working towards improvement in this area.

Francisco, in your opinion, which is the most-fancied team with real style for the game?

Francisco: Of course, I can cite as an example the team of my childhood – “Badajoz”. After all, this is the city where I was born, and I feel affection towards Badajoz. But seriously, I really like “Barcelona” FC, their style of play and their desire to achieve more.

David, in your opinion, tell us three leaders of Spanish league football championship. Who are the strongest contenders?

David: It is clear that the Spanish league has 2 teams that are of an order of magnitude greater above the rest. One of them will be a winner. But this year, they have a formidable opponent in “Atletico de Madrid”, which has already managed to make themselves known. The season will last for quite a long time, and they will have to work hard, but it’s a good team with a great coach.

How do you see the near future of the team?

Francisco: We are confident and well-trained team. I believe that if we continue in the same direction, we will please our fans with our return to the Premier League. We work every day to achieve the goal that was set at the beginning of the season: to stay in the first category.



Francisco: We played with all our strength and did everything we could. We “minimized” “Madrid” in all respects, and there was an impression, that they almost posed no hazard to us. We made an unforgivable mistake during a penalty, so now we are currently working towards improvement in this area.

David: “We were treated unfairly”


Have you ever thought about your inner man or woman? Every society has developed over the centuries a set of rules and dress codes, and they are different for each sex. If a man would wear a dress or leopard print shoes, you would find such behaviour in conflict with the laws of society, and hence you may classify this behaviour as transsexual. However, in today’s world, many people will not be greatly surprised if they see a large, well-muscled chap in a miniskirt on the street. In show-biz transvestites make a name for themselves more often with many shows featuring “drag queens”. In this issue we discuss why men like to wear bras, and more about less controversial phenomenon.

Medieval Kings and Bishops

In the past, many societies, which were not associated with Western culture, acknowledged the existence of transgender people, and they provided them opportunities for self-realization. Even if these societies did not become victims of colonization over time, the desire to emulate Western values has led to the eradication of transgender minority in these cultures. Not surprisingly, the cross-dressing induces some degree of bewilderment. Despite the popularity of transvestite personalities, there is confusion over whether these men are also homosexual and worry that they may be paedophiles. Most transvestites are heterosexual and there are no recorded cases of a transvestite being a paedophile to date. When the society was first confronted with a similar phenomenon? Medieval kings wore clothes, more like a luxurious than women’s apparel. Even bishops wear long robes, and high-court judges still cannot do their work wearing wigs. The French Revolution laid the foundation for the liberalization of attitudes towards homosexuals in the Western Europe. In 1791, France was officially decriminalized homosexuality. Due to the Napoleonic Wars French law has spread to many controlled territories, including some German states. However, dressing in the clothes of the opposite sex is a different story, and many transvestites are heterosexual. Of course, modern permissiveness and the media have enabled this lifestyle to become fashionable.

Do not over-suppress the woman within

Every little boy has features that are in their community may be considered to be feminine. Frequently when the boy shows them, people treat him with disapproval. The male child is encouraged to suppress these feminine traits to become be socialised. Upon entering adulthood a man with transvestite tendencies may be experiencing discomfort and need to explore expressing both sides of his personality. These desires are natural: it is the desire to complete oneself. According to the theory of the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, the following stages are possible in the event of a desire to give a woman the freedom:

• He recognizes the positive, even medicinal value of cross-dressing.

• The transvestite gradually experiences his “inner woman”. In the process, he finds that not all of the properties of the soul can be tagged as “male” or “female”.

• The inclusion of woman in the male personality creates a new, stronger, identity.

Thus, the transvestite comes to the realization that it was not the desire to become a woman, it was necessary to express deeper aspects of his personality. In some cases the cross-dressing becomes less important after this self-actualization.




“A beautiful young wife misses her husband so much that she opens the closet, and puts on one of his shirts. Pressing his collar to her cheek, she takes a deep breath to smell it. Her tanned legs form a nice contrast with the strict white shirt and her long hair falls over the starched collar. She cautiously goes to a large mirror, sensual stepping on the white carpet and holding up another one of his shirts, still hanging on the rack. She’s smiling, spinning, and falling on the bed, dressed in a shirt, holding the other, the camera bashfully showing her thighs for a second. It could be an advertising of sheets, shirts or cologne. This could be the beginning of a porn movie. In any case, it does not look like a sexual perversion. We decide that a woman misses her husband or lover – whoever he was – and never think that she can enjoy his clothes for the power that they represent. We do not tolerate the thought that she might not be married, and that the clothing makes her sexual arousal. We attach great importance to the script, even when we see only the images. Now imagine: a nice young man so badly misses his wife that opens the closet, and puts on one of her silk robe. He presses lace collar to his cheek and inhales her scent. Taking out a transparent nightgown, he goes to a large mirror. Near the mirror he presses again to her nightgown and looks invitingly in the mirror and falls on the bed, exhausted, dressed in a robe. The camera shyly shows us a moment of his thigh… That cannot happen ever. No advertising company would ever use such a plot”.

Helen Boyd, “My husband Betty”


With what do you associate Spain? How about paella, bullfights, and flamenco? Did you know that the night life of the kingdom can be compared to the extravaganza of living in “Sin City” Las Vegas? What do you expect as a result from a combination of sea, sun and people at night? Spain offers a wide range of activities and entertainment. Once Spain is immersed in the glorious twilight, there is a romantic atmosphere often illuminated with neon lights. National holidays, festivals, theme parties on the high seas, entertainment complexes: Spain saturated with thousands of lights, voices and melodies.

From Dusk until Dawn

French writer and screenwriter Tonino Benakvista in one of his works has rightly noticed that “the night – it’s a half of life, its underside, and a place where we have the right to exist.” Night blurs the boundaries of reality and consciousness. Night in Spain is a separate reality with its nuances and accents that can delight the foreigners at a glance. Marcha, the so-called nightlife in Spain, begins at 10 pm and can last until the morning. Adults prefer to have a drink at the nearby bars, the young people go to a disco, and a family will often choose a dinner in the restaurant. Marcha – this is not the way to have fun and spend money, this is a form of communication with loved ones, a way to make new friends. As a rule, Marcha planned for the end of the week, because no one can say for sure that he will return home before noon. Walking the streets late at night, live music, a glass of red wine or beer – Marcha is a tradition with deep roots that originated at the same time with the Spanish spirit and character. By the way, every resident and guest of this country will be able to relax as he wishes to. Unceasing rhythms and rhythms of the infinite, plenty of cosy street cafes, beach parties, parks for children and the elderly – whatever you want. We really need to mention the importance of Saints Days and Fiestas It’s not about each village competing to put on the best “fire show” in the country, but it’s also an opportunity to dress up and the town square becomes a “meeting place” for people of all ages. Coastal towns boast bonfires on the beaches – the whole spectacle is amazing. During Holy Week the night time turns into a religious carnival. Spain is a country that never sleeps, and the night in it – is a life in itself.

Seven wonders of Ibiza

We often look at the sky at night and admire the stars. Ibiza is a bright constellation in the night sky in Spain, shimmering, sparkling, and extravagant: welcome to the luxurious island of pleasure. There are places in the world that do not require compliance with the rules, and as a result people do not tend to break them at the earliest opportunity. For more than 30 years Ibiza has been an almost sacred place for tourists, who are looking for adventure; it’s a “mother” of the nightlife in Spain. The legendary island is a unique synthesis of European clubs and of Spanish traditional festivals. There are many “kings of clubs” in Ibiza, but several of them deserve special mention. Lovers of dance music flock to the clubs located near the port. Layers of dance floors often accommodate 5,000 people. The world’s largest club, submitted to the Guinness Book of Records, includes a swimming pool and several relaxation areas. One of the best institutions in the world, according to many true connoisseurs’ leisurely pastimes, is right next to the airport. Disco, located on the waterfront, looks like a towering glass pyramid. During one of the programs one of the dance floors fills with water. The famous Balearic house, which originated in the old club in the centre of the island, is a fantastically popular club with a wide variety of musical programs is located in San Antonio. Celebrities prefer one of the most beautiful places near the sea. The whole summer will be not enough to explore the night life of the island. Eloquent Ibiza changes every season, and the island is able to surprise the most experienced clubber.

Night Spain in the neon lights is an unforgettable sight. It only remains to choose – to walk through the romantic places of the city at night, have some fun in a Spanish nightclub or to visit a national restaurant or cafe.

1. “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
Edgar Allan Poe, “Eleonora”



Our world is a vast web of people and contacts. Every individual has a unique personality with their own particular character traits and habits. How do you communicate with a person when you see them for the first time? We will talk about the universal verbal and non-verbal communication that can be used when applying for a job or that exciting on a first date.

30 Seconds

Amazingly, our first impression about a person develop in the only the first 30 seconds!
How can you make a good impression in just this short time?
The eyes: – we all know that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Before any verbal greeting you should welcome the person with your eyes. Your look should be open-hearted and express interest.
The smile: – it’s not even a smile but half-smile with closed lips. That is invitation to talk. You should smile with a full smile only after you look the person in the eyes.

Sun is shining, grass is growing!

One should remember that splendid impressions are made by people of an optimistic and inspiring nature. In order to make a great impression one has to evoke positive emotions in person you’re talking to.

Hello, mate!

According to the rules of etiquette you should greet a person with words like: “How do you do?”, “Good Morning”, “Good day”, “Good Evening”. These are the most acceptable and frequently used forms of greeting. “Hello” which is used a lot should really only be used as an opening greeting to people you’re familiar with.

It’s essential to have warm and friendly tone in greeting. A rude or dull tone can offend the person you’re greeting. During your greeting don’t keep your hands in your pockets. It’s best not to smoke during the first 5 minutes and never talk with a cigarette in your mouth. That is disrespectful.

Conversation: – what is next?

Be a good listener. During conversation keep up your partner’s story by using phrases like “That’s interesting!”, and “and what happened next?”. From time ask him to expand on his thought to accent your interest in conversation. Do not interrupt him or her and give them plenty of opportunity to talk. At all times keep eye contact and express your approval.


From time to time mirror the posture and gestures of your companion. Speak with the same volume, show empathy if he’s sad, and laugh if he laughs. You hope to make a connection and maybe even make your new friend feel he’s found a soul mate.

“Keep their name in your pocket…”

The name of your new acquaintance: – use it as much as possible. There is nothing more delightful to most people’s ear than sound of their own name. When you meet a person memorize their name straight away. If you don’t it can be difficult to bluff your way out and make you blush! Besides, it will be tricky to make phone contact unless you know their name.

As Shakespeare said…

People think of us on the basis of our upbringing, education, perceived intellect and the way we speak- which words we use and how we construct sentences. It’s a great approach to draw their attention to your knowledge and skills – use quote from some famous person in conversation. Intellect is universally valued.

Judging by appearance

How you dress is what tells the world about your taste, social status, and life values. It’s a demonstration of how we value ourselves. It doesn’t really matter if you talk to a friend or a stranger. Don’t judge a book by its cover they say but one should “look after the cover” anyway. For example, girl that you meet for the first time will judge you by your appearance initially. It’s only some time later when she notices other elements: gait, communication, voice, smile, facial gesture and so on. However, that will be after she judged your look using her own criteria. Approaching someone one should be confident that he or she looks good. Untidiness and negligence in dress is absolutely unacceptable. Good appearance is determined by different criteria in every society – it’s difficult to choose something universally acceptable. It is also important that your clothing is appropriate for the climate and the time of the day.

Good dress, tidy hair, groomed hands, acting according to etiquette, confidence and appropriateness of speech – all these small things form our image and our new acquaintance will notice and remember.


“A good book is an event in my life”, is a famous quote from 19th-century French writer Stendhal. Spanish books are heroic and sublime, frank and fierce. Today, writers have become the mouthpiece of the Spanish era.  According to the great scientist of the Northern Renaissance, Erasmus of Rotterdam, even in the 16th century “science and scholarship in Spain attained marvellous prosperity. It was used as a model for all European scientists”. Spanish was the language of international communication under Charles V. Literary Spanish hit a genuinely high level.
Spanish literature through the ages
The oldest known work of Spanish literature, the epic poem “The Song of My Lord” was written about a real man, about his battles and his daily life. It is thought that the anonymous poem was written, in the year 1140. This epic represents realism, nothing was exaggerated and the detail is clear. Thus, it can be said that patriotism was a typical theme for Spanish literature from the 13th century or earlier still in the 12th century. All of the early period is characterized by elevated feeling, “knight’s brave heart” and the people’s spirit.
The heroic epic talks more eloquently and authentically about the history of the country than any historical document. The Golden Age of Spanish culture spans the entire 16th and half of the 17th century.
The Spain of this period is the birthplace of the leading prose genre of modern European literature – the novel. The genre of the novel derives from “Don Quixote” by Cervantes. Juan Boskan led an Italian trend in Spanish poetry. Dramatic poetry reaches a high level in the 16th century.  During the Baroque period of the 17th century, the most important topics were the prose of Francisco de Quevedo and Baltasar Gracian. Enlightened thinkers of the 18th century sought to apply systematic thinking to all forms of human activity. Early Romanticism appeared with the singular figure of Manuel Jose Quintana. There are various themes relating to romanticist works e.g. oneself, passionate love, legendary and historic themes, religion, social demands, nature, and satire.
Realism in the end of the 19th century was mixed with Naturalism. The intellectual movement was in Modernism. It expresses a pessimistic judgement about Spain. After the First World War, the Spanish literature entered the period of Modernism and Surrealism associated with the philosophy of Hegel and Freud’s ‘Theory of the Unconscious. Researchers believe that Lorca was the 20th century link between and Spain the foundations of the Avant – garde movement.
 A new stage as a challenge to the past

There is a branch of the Cervantes Institute in Russia, whose task is to advance the development of cultural relations between Spain and Russia. Spanish literature can now be described as “post-modernism with a splash of realism”. Spanish writer and military journalist Arturo Perez-Reverte in his works occasionally permits amusing hoaxes with reference to his own works. War was a relevant feature in literature at all times. The genre science fiction is weak in modern Spanish literature. Spanish philosopher and journalist Juan Jacinto Muñoz Renhel, is the author of many titles which have been translated into English, French Russian, and German. His latest novel, “The Hypochondriac Killer” became a best seller in many countries around the world. Novelist and playwright Eduardo Mendoza is considered one of the greatest Spanish writers of our time. His novels are constantly filmed and read. The first novel by the Catalan anthropologist Alberto Sanchez Pinol “In the Heady Silence” about human fear has become a publishing phenomenon – this work has been translated into 22 languages in 24 countries. Currently, Spanish literature returns to the pedestal of the world literary stage.
1. “Lord Polonius: What do you read, my lord? 
Hamlet: Words, words, words. 
Lord Polonius: What is the matter, my lord? 
Hamlet: Between whom? 
Lord Polonius: I mean the matter that you read, my lord.” 
– William Shakespeare, Hamlet


This quote from Shakespeare’s Richard III leads us to think about the role of the horse here in Spain. Confident, proud and independent, Spain itself can be compared with the fearless Andalusian stallion. The real pride of Spain is a thoroughbred horse, which residents call “our horse”. “Thoroughbred Spanish Horse” is recognized as one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. In Britain, Germany and Russia it is called the “Andalusian”. It was a horse of the kings of Spain, England and France. Incidentally, riding is one of the most popular sports in Spain. The Spanish enjoy many breeds, including the famous English Thoroughbred. There are a great variety of horse ranches, clubs, schools and riding camps to enjoy. Racing on a Spanish beach is one of the oldest traditions in the world. In other words, the equestrian sport is one of the main “attractions” of the country.

Horse of Kings

King Philip II ordered the founding of the first royal stud farm and purchased a few hundred mares in the 16th century. A gift horse was a sign of the humour of the king. “Thoroughbred Spanish Horse” is a cross between the ancient ancestors of modern horses. Thanks to the well-known courage, “The Spanish”, as residents call this breed, are allowed to participate in a bullfight, and formerly used in battle. The Romans, Moors and Carthaginians admired her grace and agility, and the rulers of many countries have argued that there is no more beautiful creature in a whole world. Napoleon’s favourite horse skeleton is still on display in the Museum of Natural History in Paris. However, in the 19th century, horse racing and hunting became fashionable among the upper classes, and breeders began not to dilute the blood any more. War and famine have drastically reduced the amount of noble horses, but an embargo on the export of horses abroad was lifted in the second half of the 20th, and “Our horse” again began to gain popularity. Today the horses are allowed to be only three colours: black, bay and gray.

Equestrian art

Horse racing in Spain is widespread and it has many passionate fans. The traditional horse ranch is a heaven for lovers of equestrian tourism and sports. The Spanish horse ranch combines the features of a professional horse riding club and ranch home. It is for those who want to stay outside the box, and for the knowledgeable horse owners. The most developed region in this respect is Andalusia – the birthplace of purebred Spanish horses. There is the Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art in the city of Jerez. This Riding school prepares horses and riders and holds annual festivals and games. Horse racing in Spain is an official tourism festival since 1997, and Jerez has of the oldest races in the world (1845). Everyone with a horse can be a participant. There is a long strip of beach traditionally used for this event. Polo with horses is also very popular in Spain. The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah is listed among aficionados of this kind of polo. The Sultan is one of the richest men in the world, whose personal fortune is estimated at several thousand millions.

Spain can be called a horse kingdom, whose horses always win world races. The nature of the winner was laid in purebred Spanish horses many centuries ago. Horse racing in Spain is gaining popularity. Worldwide horse racing became a symbol of the expensive and exclusive entertainment of the elite. Spain thinks about the equestrian sport in another way. An ordinary amateur can take a part in the noble passion of racing. Many households have figured riding in carriages with clubs of the highest class marking a new era of development of the equestrian sport in Spain.

1. Spain has a cult of horses, “the most humane animal”. Statue of Pegasus was designed in honour of the passing of the Congress of mobile communication in Barcelona (the winged horse of 3500 smart phones). The statue was 6 meters and a length of 5 meters. At the airport in Barcelona passengers meets a huge figure of black horse. At the airport you can often hear the phrase “let’s meet at that fat, fleshy horse”. There is a monument of the horses at the entrance to Jerez de la Front era and on the outskirts of the city, which is the birthplace of Andalusian stallions.


“What in fact could men talk about, except cars?” This well remembered phrase from French writer Michel Houellebecq could well be true. A labouring man and a king: both of them equally admire auto innovation. The role of the car in the modern world has acquired significant new features and fascinations. Blistering changes abounding in technology have inspired a lot of creators. There are now cars with elements of retro and sport, classic and hybrid: a rich automotive world is right in front of you.

Kings of the Road

The cult of the car is so deep inside of us, that the characters promoted by the arts and the media, are getting more and more fans. British agent James Bond – the standard of style, recognized as a smoothie and a gentleman, always chooses the best – whisky, watches, enemies, women, and of course, cars. Elegant Bond-Mobil Aston Martin DB5 is perfectly expresses the charisma of an ideal agent. Machine for a man – not just a luxury item or a means of transportation, it is a continuation of himself. Arab Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, for example, cannot be called as a modest man. Some people consider him bloody minded; some admire his passion for the enormous size. He owns the world’s largest Dodge Power Wagon with 4 cabins inside, weighing in at 50 tons. There are four bedrooms in his cabin. The King of Spain Juan Carlos 1 is famous for his love of cars. One of his favourite retro automobiles – vintage Mercedes-Benz G4 1939, was given by Hitler to General Franco in the past. The best selling Latin artist Enrique Iglesias prefers the classic at its best – Porsche. One of the best football players in the world, “Sport Pride” of Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo, bought a luxury Bugatti Veyron after the promotional video for Nike. Spanish football player has around 10 supercars in his garage. “Star” women of Spain move not only in limousines with chauffeur, but also look quite harmonious in “women’s” small cars like the Fiat 500. Pe, as the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is affectionately known, chooses for herself and her family only SUVs.

Auto world of Spain

The history of the Spanish car industry spans more than one hundred years. First Spanish “super class car” Elizalde Tipo 11 was an automobile, apparently prohibitively looked as a gilded chariotee from the Rococo era. The modern Spanish market is focused more on comfort and accessibility, than on the conquest by features and form. The leader of Spain’s car industry is the national brand “SEAT”. Now a subsidiary of «Volkswagen AG» the rightful owner of the automotive brand since 1990. The investments of VW helped the internationally acclaimed Spanish brand to develop new models and optional accessories. Despite the decrease of private demand for powerful and expensive cars, Spain never ceases to amaze the world by their experimental approach and sense of beauty. The Geneva Motor Show demonstrated to the world the invention of Josep Ruban – automobile Tramontana. Model supercar called Tramontana R Edition is a symbiosis of shock-fighter aircraft and of a “GT Class Car”. The creativity of this invention captivates even sophisticated buyers. This is reminding us that not only “beaten” brands like Ferrari can be an element of luxury. Be that as it may, automobile manufacturing is one of the most powerful industries in Spain. Today, the Spanish automotive industry is developing in two directions: the sport´s direction and “everyday” direction. It is offers a wide variety of models. And a special time of Spanish auto innovation seems not far away: when Spain will be one of the top leaders in car sales in Europe.

1. The museum of cars from movies opened in Toledo, Spain. There are more than 100 vehicles collected in the museum. The collection includes machines that were used in the movies by famous Spanish filmmakers. For example, the red Ford Granada, which Penelope Cruz drove in the film “Volver”/ “Go Back!” for which she was Oscar-nominated.

“Auto” event poster

December 4-8. Auto show in Valencia – Exhibition Feria del Automovil de Valencia 2013 will be held in the exhibition centre Feria Valencia. Cars, SUVs, tuning, accessories and more.

December 4-8. Exhibition of vintage cars and motorcycles in Barcelona – Auto Retro 2013 exhibition will be held in the exhibition centre Fira de Barcelona Montjuic (Barcelona, Spain). – Cars, vintage automotive engineering, supercars and more.